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How many people we should have known before capturing the essence of the next one we meet.
How many places we should have visited, before owning a space on first sight.
How much actually we should have lived, to really create…
There are of those people for whom the journey and the story count, but are part of their profound nature, that the whole gives a sense of an intriguing balance that fascinates and comfort us at the same time.

Hajer Azouz is one of those.

Her work portrays her image and her world, coupled with an endless curiosity and a sincere generosity.
Convert a space, is giving birth to a subtle harmony between the soul of the place and the personality of its occupants.

The journey and the personality of Hajer allowed her today to reach an expertise that make enjoy the recognition and trust of demanding customer across the world.
The designer continues to evolve and work for ambitious and innovative projects. She will always surprise you with her endless energy to create.. then…create…

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J.B.S, Amie de la maison